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Signs of a Top Dentist

It is general consensus that frequent dental checkups are vital in maintenance of a good oral hygiene. However, there are many who are afraid of not only the dental procedures and the expenses incurred but the very dentist himself. These fears might not be completely baseless. There is no shortage of cheats or people using sub-standard materials in any profession and the dental field is no different. The dentists at Saini Smiles Dentistry, located at Sun City West, AZ are dedicated in providing and maintaining top standards in dental care. Listed here are a few signs that indicate you’re in good hands.

Dental Ambiance

The environment of the dental office itself is the first sign of a top dentist. A Neat and clean working area with sharp and spotless equipment is what you should be looking for. A dusty and dirty workplace will always give the impression of unsterile conditions even if that is not the case. The attitude and approach of the dentists and their staff is a very important in creating the right atmosphere to put you at ease and keep all your dental apprehensions at bay. A discourteous staff with a rude and gruff manner is not a sign of a practice dedicated to benefitting the community.

All about the Money

If your dentist is focused only on money matters so much more than the actual treatment itself, let the alarm bells ring. A top dentist is always more concerned about a patients well-being first and foremost. Discussions to work out fees and payments should take place prior to treatment without unnecessary pressures of excessively expensive and invasive procedures. Any hesitance to accommodate the patient’s needs communicates a lack of understanding for the patient.

Fast and Competent or Just Plain Sloppy

A top dentist will always administer treatment in a manner which is both gentle and even paced rather than being fast and sloppy. If a dentist is not prevention-oriented, is assuming and rough in patient handling then that dentist is most certainly not the right one for you. Dentists at Saini Smiles are committed to providing you with top dental care that is long lasting and durable.

Feeling Good?

Post treatment follow up by the dentist will tell you just how concerned that dentist is. Your dental treatment should be designed to make you feel better after it instead of feeling worse. A top dentist will provide you that everyday care and service, should you require it, to ensure the success of the treatment. Any long term discomfort like excessive bleeding, or dislodgement of crowns/bridges/fillings tells you that it’s time to look for a new dentist. At Saini Smiles, patient satisfaction is a priority so visit us today!

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