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Equipments in Dentist Offices

Once you are prepared to select the best dentist for your treatment, it is important to familiarize yourself with the dentist office. Usually, people dread going to dentist offices, however; once you are in a dire need to undergo treatment you cannot avoid the visit. A dentist office is full of equipments and instruments that are used for the most basic procedures for your dental treatments. These equipments are also essential for a dentist to check the status of your oral hygiene on your first visit to a dentist office.

Here is a list of equipments that you are most likely to find in dentist offices:

Dentist’s Chair

All dentist offices contain a dental chair that is also the most prominent furniture in a dentist office. You will immediately be able to rate the dental chair on the basis of the utilities available, its condition, stability and comfort. This is how you may be able to set a good dentist apart from a bad one if you are still deciding on which dentist to go for your dental treatments. There are a variety of features available in dental chairs that you will find in a dentist office. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Water purifier

  • LCD Displays

  • Spinal support

  • Flexibility and customizability for elderly patients


Every dentist office is full of instruments that are used for examination and treatment procedures.

Mouth Mirror

The mouth mirror is perhaps the most common instrument found in dentist offices. It is used to explore the areas of the mouth that are difficult to view for example the cavities. Sometimes, the dentist also uses the mouth mirror to see if the patient has any sensation of pain in the affected tooth.

Dental Explorer

The dentist uses the dental explorer to see the buildup of tooth decay in patients. The dentists also use the dental explorer as a scraper of the plaques and tartar that affect the teeth in conditions of poor oral hygiene. Furthermore, dentists can also determine the sensations experienced by the patient through the dental explorer such as tingling and pain.

Periodontal Probe

A large number of aged populations come to the dentist office with periodontitis. Periodontal probe is usually used for elderly patients to check for this condition. Periodontal probe can help a dentist to measure pocket depths that develop between the teeth. The dentists also use periodontal probes on patients wearing braces and other support to see if their bite has improved.

Dental Drill

One of the most common reasons to visit a dentist office is to excavate the tooth. Dentists use a dental drill to remove the affected tooth. These dental drills have removable extensions that can be added according to the need; also sometimes referred to as dental burs. They move at a speed of 400, 000 rpm that helps in penetrating the tooth, which is made up of hard calcium.

Familiarizing yourself with the instruments in dentist offices helps you feel calm in your first visit for a dental checkup. At Saini Smiles Dentistry, located in Sun City West, AZ, you will find the state-of-the-art dentist offices with the best available equipments for your treatment.

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